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Good News, Bad News

Dear Friends, Subscribers, Readers:

The Good News

On December 1, 2020, I posted my first blog on this Website. Today, I am celebrating my blog’s third year of operation. Twenty-five blogs have been posted since this time last year, and some of the blogs were outstanding. “Is Petra the Original Mecca,” although published last March, is still getting a lot of hits.

I was excited about my first book, Muslim Mechanics, which came out in April. If you’re unfamiliar with Islam, this is an excellent book to learn from. It’s not too late to get your copy on Amazon.

If you perform an internet search for the “100 best Islam blogs and websites”, you will find Muslim Mechanics in the 50th spot. This Website is an educational blog about Islam, trying to present views that help my readers understand that religion.

I appreciate the support and readership I have been getting, but now it’s time to move on.

The Bad News

I am anxiously preparing to write my next book. The working title is Ancient Realities in the Bible. Archaeologists and historians have uncovered much evidence that supports events in the Bible that happened during the time of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. Was Herod as wicked as depicted in the Bible? Did the Assyrians deport all the Jewish tribes in the northern kingdom of Israel? This kind of information takes time to research and write about.

Consequently, after consideration, I will put my blog on Pause. The website will remain so that people may still reference the blogs there. However, I will be working on my new book.

In summary

On occasion, I may still post material that I find interesting. However, for the most part, my time will be spent elsewhere.

I appreciate your understanding.

Charles Brewton

Director, Muslim Mechanics

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