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How Islam Really Works


I'm Dr. Charles Brewton, Director of the Muslim Mechanics blog site. For many years, I've taught business classes to MBA students in the US and overseas. I have been lucky enough to see how our economy works, both on a micro level and a macro level. I have visited factories in far away lands and here in the United States. While many critics decry our system of capitalism, it is still the best way to allocate resources in our economy. Capitalism, along with liberal democracy, combine to make up the best system of resource allocation in the world. Early research shows that capitalism is a direct result of Christian values. In addition, liberal democracy also has proven links to Calvinism, a form of Protestant Christianity. I say all this to suggest that American exceptionalism is a very real outcome that has direct and tangible sources.

My initial understanding of Islam was limited and invariably wrong in many aspects. I am a student of international business and my curiosity about Islam comes from their roots as traders. The Prophet Muhammad's background was as a trader, as were several of the Caliphs that followed him. To make our way in the business world, business men and women must know their competitors as well as they know the business environment. The study of Muslims shows that while they are astute business people, their values do not fit into a society that is capitalistic and democratic.  My soon-to-be-published manuscript, Muslim Mechanics, is a repository of this thinking.

I have published numerous articles on business strategy and tactics and even some on government policy and actions. The purpose of this blog is to look at actions and outcomes in the Muslim world and present them to my readers so that they understand what is going on and why.

Thank you for reading my blog.


Director of Muslim Mechanics

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