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10 Hours of Walking

Hello Everyone. Today’s blog is the first I’ve done in over three weeks. I had some illnesses to deal with, and now that I am under treatment, I will start back slowly with my blogs.

I recently came across a YouTube channel called “Are We Famous Yet,” presented by Karim Jovian. On his site, he has several videos using the Candid Camera approach to see how people react to a change in circumstances. For instance, one of his videos is called “Walking with 4 Wives in New York City” to see how people react to an illegal and uncommon practice of having multiple wives. Another video is called the “Hijab Dating Experience,” where he posts an attractive actress on a dating site. Sometimes, the actress meets the potential suitor in regular clothes, and the date goes as expected. In other cases, the actress shows up in a hijab, and the suitors soon find reasons to end the date and leave.

There are other situations posted as well, but the one I am posting here was the most intriguing. The video is titled “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman in Hijab.” Jovian has an attractive young woman walking through NYC. The camera was in front of her, so obviously, someone in disguise was walking in front of her, and the camera was hidden. Supposedly, the woman walks 5 hours in casual clothing and 5 hours in a hijab/burka. It’s hard to know since the video is condensed to 3 minutes and 56 seconds. It is noticeable that the cat calls, lewd comments, and horns beeping occur when the woman walks the street minding her own business. It is also apparent that when the hijab is worn, all of that disrespect ends. I can see where some women wear Muslim clothing to keep from having to deal with disrespectful men.

Watch the video.

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