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5-Star Review

I was thrilled to recently receive the 5-star review on my book, Muslim Mechanics, from Readers' Favorites, an organization that reviews thousands of books each year.

Reviewed by Vincent Dublado for Readers' Favorite

Muslim Mechanics: The View from Behind the Curtain sounds like a reference book on Islamic engineering; close but not quite. Charles H. Brewton delves into the workings of the needs and wants of Muslims as consumers by studying Islam as a religion, as an organization, as a social institution, and the rules that make it unique. It attempts to explore the rules governing laws that Muslims follow. It begins by tracing the shared and divergent histories of Christianity and Islam and gives a review of the Qur’an. It also devotes space to Islamic Fundamentals and Sharia Law, as well as the different categories of Muslims and who are the major players. It then examines the population growth of Muslims and where the faith is headed. So what’s in it for you? Much of the western world is not familiar with Islam and its customs and beliefs. In a contemporary setting that embraces globalization and diversity, it is important to understand Islam as a way of life, a form of government, and a social structure with standard norms that Muslims adhere to as a guide for the way they conduct themselves whether it be political, social, economic, or personal. Charles H. Brewton expertly presents the ethical and moral foundations of economic relations based on the distinction between halal and haram under Sharia Law. I believe that this book has plenty to offer to anyone interested in the anatomy of Islam and how to better engage in personal and professional dealings with our Muslim brothers and sisters. I especially recommend Muslim Mechanics to those interested in Islamic studies and business entities that want to get a better grasp of Islamic consumerism.

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